Astro Photography

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By Odd Høydalsvik, Bergen, Norway


Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 2008
time lapse sunset
Total Solar Eclipse 2006 Multiple exposure of the eclipse (459kB) Solar Eclipse 2005 Total solar eclipse 1999
Total Solar Eclipse 2006 Solar Eclipse 2003 Solar Eclipse 2005 Total Solar Eclipse 1999
Lunar Eclipse 2003  Comets Sun Planets
Lunar Eclipses Comets Sun and Transits Planets
Deep Sky Aurora Mother of Pearl Clouds My equipment
Deep Sky Aurora Atmosphere Equipment

I was thinking the day most splendid,
till I saw what the not-day exhibited,
I was thinking this globe enough,till there sprang out
so noiseless around me myriads of other globes.

Walt Whitman, "Night on the Prairies",
from "Leaves of Grass"


© 2003-2008: Odd Høydalsvik