Solar Eclipse 31. May 2003

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By Odd Høydalsvik, Bergen, Norway

Solar Eclipse 2003 - Observed from the top of the mountain Storrinden south of Bergen.
Phases of the solar eclipse 2003

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Multiple exposure of solar eclipse 2003
Multiple exposures of the solar eclipse 2003. A series of exposures recorded on the same film frame without advancing the film. Landscape photo taken a few minutes before sunrise using a Cokin G2 gradual filter to darken the sky. The images of the sun where taken at 6 minutes intervals through a home made sun filter. Camera: Canon EOS 500N with 28-105mm USM lens at approx. 65 mm. Film: Fuji Sensia 100.
Solar Eclipse 2003 at mximum Solar eclipse 2003 at maximum, 93% of the sun is covered by the moon, local time 05:44 (03:44UT). Camera: Canon A1 with FD 80-200mm lens f 4.0 at approx. 90 mm. Film: Fuji Superia 200. No filters used other than a UV filter.
Phases of the solar eclipse 2003 A series of images of the solar eclipse 2003 taken through a Meade ETX-90 EC telescope in primary focus using the Meade #64 T-adapter. Camera: Canon F1. Film: Fuji Superia 200. A home-made sun-filter was used, covering the front lens of the telescope and another filter covering the finder. Exposure times varied between 1/500s to 1/60s and were found using the semi-spot metering system of the camera.

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