M45 - The Pleiades

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By Odd Høydalsvik, Bergen, Norway

M45 Pleiades

The picture is taken from Mjølfjell, Norway, 01-01-2009 at 21:48 - 22:14 UT+1.
Temperature: -18°C


Camera: Canon EOS 40D, Hutech modified Type Ib
Telescope: Borg 101ED refractor with f4 reducer
Exposure: 9 x 3min, f4, 800 ISO
Stacked with DSS using flat and dark frames. Final processing in Photoshop CS3. Cropped to 80% field of view.
Guided with Orion StarShoot AutoGuider and Mini Borg 60ED refractor.

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© 2009: Odd Høydalsvik