Transit of Mercury 1973

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  Transit of Mercury 1973
Picture taken at Ørsta, Norway.  November 10 1973, 12:50 UT+1
Camera: Fujica ST701.

The close-up below is a blown-up part of the same image.

Transit of Mercury 1973

Telescope: Home-made refractor 60mm f 15. (Polarex lens)
Eyepiece projection with 25mm eyepiece.
Film: Kodak Panatomic X, 64 ISO. Developed in Microdol 1+3.
Cloudy conditions. Only a couple of minutes partly opening in the clouds.

The homemade telescope and Herschel wedge used is described in this page: Homemade 60mm refractor

© 1973, 2006: Odd Høydalsvik